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Noelia Ruiz

Hi, most of members of this list are people following add-ons commits. I've made a bunch of tests to set aria-current attribute on links of the spanish website for NVDA on GitHub, built on GitHub pages.
I think I finished with this tests setting aria-current on the most important place for this, the nav section. Anyway, if you want to follow add-ons commits and aren't interested on the website, please change the subscription for the main group and will be able to receive amails just for the add-ons subgroup.
Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences.
Merry Christmas and hapy new year.
Kind regards

El 24/12/2017 a las 4:02, Integration escribió:
1 New Commit:
[] By Noelia Ruiz Martínez <nrm1977@...>:
1217bb8de083 <>: Test: set aria-current in help page
Modified: <>

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